Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Accident - Self Assessment

Most of the shots from the movie flow well together but there a few which had some peoblems. There were a couple of shots showing an actor in a position on the scene, but the shot failed to flow as in another frame he started in a different position. Plus, there are a few shots which the cameraman says 'cut' at the end of.

The position of the camera was relatively good to show the audience what was happening in each scene, we even had a scene where it seems a character goes right through the camera. Although there were a couple of scenes where the camera positiong might have been better - when one of the characters fell down the stairs it could have been possible to show it with the camera above the stairs and character. We had also done a shot from above which made it difficult to see the scene and what was happening (and being said) in it.

Although we took a little longer than scheduled, the shoot went well. Most of our shoots went the way we wanted to, whilst others got better and we all tried to follow the plan made to the best of our ability.
Although we did go through a few problems, one of them being that during we were filming there were many people constantly walking past us (some of them greeting our cameraman) which wasted some time and made it more difficult to shoot some scenes, as well as making it impossible to shoot a couple and changing a bit of our plans to suit the movie as well as finish on time.

If we were to do this again i would try to take longer to plan out all the shots with the story and try to take many different shots of a scene to see which one would fit best. With more time i would also like to make sure that after the shoot the editing of the movie was good and that each scene was in sync with each other as well as flow.

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